Other Stuff 
This is...just some miscellaneous stuff that has to do with the fanfic.  It's not one of the main things like character profiles or episodes, it's just...random junk.  Yeah.  Well, have a look for yourself, you'll see what I mean. 
Soundtrack: If Conclave were an anime or movie, what would the soundtrack look like?  This is it.  Songs for each character, opening and ending themes, and even CD covers. 
Seiyuu: This is another of those "if Conclave were an anime" pages.  The purpose of these pages is mostly just for me to fantasize. ^.^ These are the seiyuu (anime voice actors) I'd pick to play the characters in an anime version of the story. 
Live-action: Just like the seiyuu page, except it's what real actors I would pick to be the characters.  You know, these pages are actually useful to help you visualize the scenes... (yeah right, we all know this is just me and my wishful thinking ^-^) 
Adoption: OK, here's proof that I'm getting a big head.  No one probably reads the fic anyway, and if they do they probably don't want to adopt my characters, but just in case... 
Poll: Pleeeease tell me what you think of the fanfic?  I'd love to know who everyone's favorite character is, just one response would be great (it would be even better if you'd email me and tell me why...hehe). 
Shippy: Consider this a Valentine's Day special. ^-^ You know those Love Calculator things?  I put all the Conclavers' names into these and calculated how likely the pairings would be, so that's what this page is, along with the Conclavers' comments on the pairings. ^-^ Kinda interesting... 
Quotes: Some funny moments of the series, not just what the characters have said but what I've said about the fic and bits of the narration that were funny.
Quiz: Which Conclaver are you?  I'm sure you've all wondered this at some point...my top three results were Ruari, Aoife, and Ermynne...gee, is anybody surprised? ^-^