Pokemon Conclave Pictures
These are some pictures from Pokemon Conclave.  If y'all would like to contribute, there's a description of each character in his/her profile and if you do, send them this way.
Subject Description
Bonnie Bonnie in her Team Rocket outfit, which I believe is greatly improved over the old one.  And you know how much I agonized over her stupid hairstyle and what kinda hair to give her, etc.?
a Lapras ride Ruari and Aoife riding on Ruari's Lapras...I'm so proud of myself for getting this position right!  Yay!  Aoife reminds me of Amelia from Slayers in this pic...dunno why.  Maybe it's the pose.
Aoife and Sora Sora and "Pidgey", ready for bed (that's a little stuffed Mereep that Sora has, and its evolved form Denryuu on her shirt).
Sora Sora being a slave to fashion ^^; She's wearing an outfit I saw in a magazine recently that I thought she'd look cute in, one of those handkerchief tops and flared jeans with lace or something on the bottom.
Fawn Cute piccie.  It's Fawn wearing a cool sweater and in a kawaii pose.  Some very autumn colors in this; she looks good in those.
swimsuits Just to get me in the summer mood, which is hard since it's all cloudy here and the weather is shite.  That's Petra, Sora, Ferio, and Ruari (yep, that's Dratini-Ruari).  And doesn't Ferio look fantastic in that swimsuit? *drools all over keyboard*
Sundance Sundance's by herself picture..her hair has suprisingly a lot of dimension, esp. considering I'm not great at adding dimension lines.  I love the new TR outfit, don't you?  The other one looks tacky compared to this.
2 Petras Petra in 2 different poses...I didn't do this intentionally, but one of them looks more feminine and the other looks more masculine.  That's odd.  I like it though.
protagonists again This is a slightly better version of the protags totem that I did before, except this one is just the heads in SD and it's computer colored so it looks really neato. ^-^ Hee, Aidan looks so kawaii.  Aoife's giving the peace sign, Petra is being her usual self ^^; Sora is just making a normal face, Ferio is glaring at something, Ruari is going "Let's all go march on Washington!" and Chu-Chu is just sighing at the crazy mess.  Cute, huh?
Aidan Well, I think I've _finally_ figured out how to properly draw a cute guy. ^-^ I thought the other pics of him looked decidedly uncute, so I drew a much better-looking Aidan.  And he does look really good in this pic...no wonder Sora likes him so much. ^-^ This is how he's REALLY supposed to look, not those pics I drew before.
Petra Petra...as a guy?  Hmm.  Well, the body is okay but the head looks like it doesn't belong there because I'm so used to seeing it on a girl.  And I made her skin too pinkish, I decided to do a skin color but went a little too far with it.  I should have done what I did with the Aidan pic and just color the skin where the shading would be.  Kinda weird pic actually.
Petra and Ruari Tee-hee, it's Petra and Ruari in Utena costumes!  Petra apparently likes her Utena outfit, and she's standing around and posing, but Ruari is none too happy to have to wear a Rose Bride dress. ^-^ She's just like, "Petra, next time you wear the damn dress!"  And Petra ignores her partner's annoyance: "Yeah, whatever, Ro.  Now c'mere and do a backbend and say that 'Rose of the noble castle' stuff so I can get the Sword of Dios and swordfight with Aidan." ^^;;;;;;;;; It'd make a good comic, wouldn't it?
Aoife TPW TPW is a cute program that you can get at Otakuworld, and it displays a little anime face on your screen that blinks and does cool stuff.  If you have TPW and you want to use this you'd have to convert it to BMP form.  This is a little Aoife face I did for TPW, and she does some cute Aoife-like things.  I keep her and the others on my desktop when I'm writing. ^-^
Petra TPW A Petra TPW that blushes half the time, raises its fist the other half of the time. ^^; I think eventually I'll TPW the whole Conclave gang.
Ferio TPW The first TPW I ever made was an Utena one, and I edited this to make Ferio.  It's funny when Ferio, Petra, and Aoife are all making the raised fist face at the same time, makes you think you did something wrong. ^^;;;;
Sora TPW Her pigtails are a little short...before I drew them on she looked sorta like Miki, which gave me the idea to make a Miki TPW.  This was edited from the Aoife TPW, so she does the facefaulting thing and says "Ano..." too.
Sundance The newly transformed Sundance...and I mean JUST transformed for the first time.  It's a nude.  Yep.  But she's covering up and I don't show any details anyway so...I like her hair, looks kinda like Kaitlyn's...and I drew her body more realistically too, not as anime-ish (or as anorexic) as most of my pics.
Aidan and Sora Sora: "Aidan-sama, daisukiiii!" Aidan: "..." *sweatdrop* As you can see, this is another one of my wacky Conclave characters dressed up as Utena characters pics.  I like them things.  And Aidan looks cuuuuute!  As usual. ^-^ Somehow he can remain calm even when his "groupie" is glomping him.  Sora's dressed in an Ohtori girls' uniform (she looks like she was made for that fuku!) and Aidan's wearing Miki's outfit.  I was gonna have him wear Touga's but hey, although Touga's been growing on me lately, I dont like him THAT much.  I colored them with marker, and Aidan's hair turned out surprisingly...well, cute.
Petra/Ruari comic Hehehe...this is the scene where Petra and Ruari announce their coupledom (?) to everyone.  Semi-manga style, and the words typed on the computer.  I never know what font I should use for the words...^-^ It's pretty good, except Aidan looks weird, and I change Sora's and Ferio's character designs halfway through. ^^;;; I'm not used to drawing comics yet...
Petra/Ruari comic Er...Petra and Ruari go to McDonald's.  It's...strange.  I decided to leave what *exactly* they're doing with the honey up to the imagination. ^.^;;;;;;;;; Eh. I can't draw cars, I need to practice that...
Bill This is sort of a character design thing...like how I want Bill to look for Conclave.  I don't want him to look the way he did in the anime, or sound that way either for that matter.  I want him to look more like he did in the manga...or more like this pic.
Ermynne Aoife's NEW Johto League rival, Ermynne!  I had no clue what her character design was gonna be until I drew this...it just sorta happened.  She has spiffy hair.  Don't be fooled by that expression either...she's not that innocent! 
Ferio Eesh, I haven't drawn Ferio in such a long time...and there were no really good pics of her either so I did a new one.  She's climbing in a tree, and she looks sort of un-Ferio-like (she's SMILING!  Whoa!), but I love the pose.
the cast Well, the Orange League season cast, anyway.  Sora, Ermynne, Ferio, Ruari, Aoife, and Petra.  It's in black and white, and I did them in a new style...well, a new style of drawing their hair, anyway.  It's not a solid thing, it's just...a bunch of lines.  And Ruari's hair doesn't have as many lines...for some reason.  This is a good pic of Ermynne too.
Ermynne anthro-fied I think this is cute...it's Ermynne as a cute blue and silver fox (y'know, because an ermine is a foxlike animal, and her Japanese name is Kitsune, meaning fox).  Cute clothes too, and this picture is truer to her character than the other one above.  Looks like she's up to something... ^-^
Riverdance Fawn The colors looked nicer in the original, I think, than in the scan...anyway, this is a special St. Patrick's Day picture - Riverdance Fawn!  She's Jean Butler!  Heheh.  The dress and shoes are pretty much authentic, although when it comes to Irish dancing dresses nowadays anything goes.  And if she were in a competition or whatnot she'd probably have to curl her hair a little bit more and put it in a headband or maybe a bun.  Cute anyway, and I love the colors.
Sora and Ruari I recently realized that if you put Sora's and Ruari's names together it sort of sounds like "sorority", so that's what I called this pic.  They're just laughing and having a good time...maybe they're laughing about the "violent whales", or about Aidan and his threesome.  Whatever the case, they're happy...
the Cameron family Ermynne and her sisters...just because they sounded cool and I wanted to draw what they looked like.  For once in one of my pictures there weren't any serious deformities or places it looked like people had dislocated something.  That's a good thing.  Ermynne has shiny hair! *pets Ermynne's hair* It looks like water.  That's Cerise on the left, Michelle on the right. 
The Archers The Archer sisters...I never stated in the episode, but yeah, that's their last name.  From Orange League episode 5, these are the sisters from the Pomelo Islands.  The blonde one who's standing up is Silvia, and the redhead who's kneeling is Cinzia.  Cin looks a little young but Sil looks okay.  I messed up a little coloring Cinzia's shirt too, I imagined it differently.  I was gonna draw them with bows in their hands, which is why they're posing like that, but two reasons why I didn't: I had no frippin' clue how to draw bows and no reference, and 2: it'd interfere with their outfits if I did.  And their hair and faces too maybe.  So I left out the bows.